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We are a Solihull based company (Postcode B90).

0-5 miles: £5
6-11 miles: £10
11+ miles: 50p per mile

Travel costs further than 11 miles are worked out on mileage from us in B90, at 50p per mile, as a round trip. Of course it wouldn’t make sense to travel long distances for a small grazing box but for grazing tables we are happy to travel further afield, so we consider each job on a case by case basis. For larger jobs more than two hours drive away we may have to stay overnight near the venue. If collection of equipment is required after the event, there will be a collection surcharge added to the total cost (in addition to the standard travel costs of 50p per mile)
You don't need us if you have our Classic Flat Lay. Our tables are displayed on parchment paper and greenery, so you can simply roll it up and dispose of it as you wish. If you’ve had our Layered Style Package, we do offer a ‘clean up service’ once your guests have had their fill, we will return within 4 hours to clean up the grazing table (bin bags are to be disposed of by the client venue) and collect all our boards, domes, baskets etc as part of our equipment hire.
If you or any of your guests have any dietary requirements/allergies please ensure you make us aware at the time of booking. Please note: we make every effort to provide allergen free food on request, however this cannot be guaranteed as we handle allergens on the premises.
We provide bamboo and wooden plates and cutlery, and white napkins - and any other items you request - to accompany your grazing table at an extra charge.
An enquiry is not considered a booking until we receive a 50% deposit. The remaining balance should be paid in full 14 days prior to the event.
If there are additional guests to be added or date changes to your booking, these can be fulfilled as long as we are given sufficient notice and have the availability. Please note: Reducing the number of guests after the deposit has been paid is not something we can accommodate.
Spreads and Breads does not issue refunds on our grazing options, only date changes if we are told well in advance. We will only provide a refund on your 50% deposit if we cannot fulfil your booking.
Onsite parking is required in order for us to unload and prepare your grazing table. If there is limited or no parking onsite, please let us know upon booking so that we can make suitable arrangements.
At Spreads and Breads we like to work on a personable and customisable basis with our clients to cater specifically for those attending. Just drop us a message and we can send you our thoughts, ideas and inspiration!
We will need between 1-3 hours to set up your grazing table, dependant on the area and size.
A suitable table must be provided at the venue. We don’t provide tables.
From the time of set up, you have 4 hours (that’s 240 minutes and 14,400 seconds incase you were counting) to graze. That's when we believe the food is at its freshest.
Most people snack and graze with their hands, but if your guests prefer a plate, Spreads and Breads can provide eco plates, cutlery and napkins.
We would love to use your selfies, pictures and our own (which we'll take at set up) across our social media platform and webpage. If it is preferred for these images not to be publicised please let us know.
At Spreads and Breads we strive to maintain a sustainable and ethical business model. We are a small business, so find it easier than most to maintain. Please ask us to share the ways in which we are taking action to reduce and possible negative impact on our planet if of interest.
Yes, we are fully insured. We also have current food hygiene and health and safety training requirements. We pride ourselves on having the best standards, ensuring the best produce & food handling.